Rachel & Russell Wedding + Reception

On an extremely warm June day, Rachel & Russell were married in the beautiful, Bountiful LDS temple.  With a rich, classic color scheme of deep red, black, and natural greens, a classy and sophisticated gown, and a private, passionate love for each other, I was thrilled to tell their story.

From the bride:

“Russell and I had been attending the same church for a year and a half and had never spoken. He was a little shy and I didn’t really seem like his type.  I had noticed him and thought he looked way too young for me. I was asked to help with a church musical activity and I asked who played guitar in our ward and I was told to ask Russell Dennis. He said yes to playing and I invited him over to my place each week to practice.  I found out that Russell was only a year and a half younger than me and I was just melting every time he smiled at me – he has the most amazing smile! He started to call me to hang out almost every day and we eventually decided to date exclusively June 9th. By September both of our feelings and thoughts had been all over the place from loving our time together and having a great connection and still wanting to see each other every day, yet mixed with both of us constantly questioning if we were a good fit because I was quite different from who Russell had envisioned marrying, and his personality didn’t match what I was hoping to find in a husband, too. Mid-September we broke up; we both thought it seemed like the logical choice. Within a day I felt pretty sad, and each day only got harder, I cried a ton and almost felt I couldn’t get out of bed. I assumed Russell was a typical tough man and wasn’t near as sad as me or missing me as much. I caved and texted him to see if we could text casually as friends from time to time if that wouldn’t bother him, and he replied that he was so happy I’d texted him, that he’d love that, and he said he had been crying. I just bawled tears of joy when I read that. We questioned if breaking up was the right choice, yet we didn’t want to get back together just to break up again, so we prayed and had some talks together, listened to some talks, and prayed some more and in 6 days we decided to keep dating each other – breaking up showed us how much we truly meant to each other and how awful we both felt to think of not having the other person in our life. It was up and down from that point forward, we never fought, but the idea of marriage was scary because who doesn’t want to make the very best decision when it comes to who you’re going to commit to the rest of your life?  I was less afraid than Russell yet had my own hesitations, but the flame to see each other and keep each other in our lives didn’t ever die out and prayers kept being blatantly answered for me over and over that I should be with Russell. Russell proposed April 12, 2014 and the sweetest side of him opened up after he made that leap. We married June 21, 2014 and we both can’t believe how beautiful and amazing our wedding was!”

We fit in a few more portraits of just Rachel & Russell right before the ring ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was led by the groom’s father, followed by an adorable first dance that allows us a peek into the newlyweds’ relationship as Russell held her gown for her so she wouldn’t trip (adorable).  Loved, loved, loved this wedding!  Special thanks to my incredibly talented second shooter India Earl Photography!

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    Stunning wedding photographs of this beautiful Utah bride and rather handsome groom! These images tell a great story of what looks like a wonderful wedding day…ReplyCancel

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    Lovely images! Wonderful that you were able to share their story and beautiful wedding photography. Great day at the LDS Bountiful Temple.ReplyCancel

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