Brooke & Brian | La Caille, Utah Wedding

The wonderfully talented Camilla Binks was in search of an assistant for this wedding, and I jumped at the chance to work with her.  I told her I would do it about a week before the date.  The wedding was on Saturday, and on Wednesday night I came down with the worst cold of my life (we’re talking a 3 boxes of tissues, constant cough syrup and sounding-like-a-choking-walrus kind of cold).  I was just about to call her and cancel, however sad I was to do so, when I started to feel better on Friday afternoon, hallelujah!  But then I had to go and ruin it.  I had a family shoot scheduled for Friday evening, a portrait session scheduled for Saturday morning, and then the 9 hours of wedding coverage Saturday afternoon and evening.  I pushed myself instead of babying it, and the cold came back late Friday night with a fierce vengeance.  So I went to the wedding with my camera bag stuffed with tissues and cough drops, praying that I wouldn’t pass out on this sweet couple’s big day.  Camilla was a dear and made sure I had water and medication the whole day.  Be sure to check out her amazing photos from the big day, she’s such a talented photographer!

Enough about me, let’s talk about one of the most amazing couples: Brooke and Brian.  Coming into their wedding day never having met them before, I had to learn on the job their story and their personalities.  Brooke is incredibly gorgeous.  I would say that it’s a wonder she didn’t get married until now, but I have a very strong testimony of God’s timing for His children; throughout the wedding toasts and words of wisdom from family and friends, everyone knew that Heavenly Father had been saving Brooke and Brian for each other.  My favorite thing about this wedding was that although there was real money spent on it, from the reception to the cake to the flowers and so on, no one forgot or failed to gratefully mention the root of their blessings and happiness: Heavenly Father.

B&B were married, and sealed for time and all eternity in the Salt Lake City temple, then went on to the incredible La Caille for their reception and dance party.  Brooke is an incredible dancer, just wait until you see the sassy sequined number she changed into so she didn’t pop a seam in her stunning wedding gown; she wasn’t about to sacrifice a chance to party.  Moves were busted by all in attendance.

I need to give a shout out to the awesome groomsman who compassionately took over my responsibility of calling out the next shots as Camilla took family pictures at the reception, my poor voice was just darling by that point!

Let me interrupt, I need to mention the cake.  Never mind how beautiful it is, and that those amazing swirls are white chocolate that took over 2 days to handcraft, this cake was the best cake I have had in my entire life.  You know how Marshall felt about Claudia and Stuart’s wedding cake?  (If you don’t understand that reference I might cry, but then I would vehemently refer you to Season 1, Episode 12 of How I Met Your Mother.)  I literally called the bakery to find out what kind of cake it was (champagne-flavored; try it!) so I can order it the next time I need a cake.  If you’re looking for a wedding cake to ruin you for all other cakes, try Carrie’s Cakes.  And I love that they also had a groom’s cake featuring Brian’s interests, it’s such a fun and personal touch!  Alright, you may continue.

It was an absolutely wonderful and beautiful day.  I wish these two the best of luck on this adventure they’ve begun together, they’re off to an amazing start!

Venue: La Caille
Gown: Justin Alexander from Bridal Expressions
Florals: Blooms and Co.
Cake: Carrie’s Cakes

  • What a gorgeous wedding!!! Amazing job capturing these. I felt like I was there!ReplyCancel

    • Well that’s really great since I was only second shooting, especially at the reception where most of my photos were taken one-handed while holding the softbox up for Camilla. Thank you so much, Lori!!ReplyCancel

  • These are gorgeous!! And lucky you got to shoot at the la caille!! These seriously belong in a magazine!ReplyCancel

  • kristen

    I love La Caille, but everything about this wedding was just too perfect!ReplyCancel

  • Uh. LOVE!!! Your reception photos are gorgeous. Teach me your ways. You did an amazing job. I love the colors. And that bride is stunning!ReplyCancel

    • Isn’t she just gorgeous?!

      And that’s such a compliment coming from you Kylee, thank you, I’d rather ask you to teach me your ways! It was super helpful that the videographer had several video lights set up, it has me seriously considering purchasing them for myself instead of more flash equipment. =)ReplyCancel

  • Beautiful wedding photography! Love the ones of the bride and groom by the fountain!ReplyCancel

  • these are so beautiful! What a sweet couple and I know they must be thrilled with these images. Such lovely scenery.ReplyCancel

  • Just Stunning images! Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • gorgeous couple, and La Caille weddings are always amazingReplyCancel

  • Everything about this wedding in La Caille is so perfect, the colors the cake, the decor. You captured every detail beautifully!ReplyCancel

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